Teeth Whitening Strips (28 pcs)

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Advanced Solution For Instant Teeth Whitening!

Get visibly whiter teeth in just 20 minutes a day. Can you spare just 30 minutes a day for just 12 days to reverse years of staining? Of course you can. Advanced Teeth Whitening makes it easy to whiten teeth and reveal a brighter smile. Using the same enamel-safe whitening agent as dentists use, your smile will be restored to its former glory in just 12 days. Removes tough coffee, wine, and smoking related teeth stains for a whiter smile.



  • Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips - Sealed Box - Guaranteed Fresh - 28 Total Strips - 2 Week Supply.
  • 6% hydrogen peroxide - Double Elastic Gel Teeth Whitening Strips - Mint Flavor.
  • Sealed Box with 14 mini Aluminum pouches each with 2 strips (upper and lower) Total of 28 strips enough for 14 daily applications.
  • Stay active and go on with your day while whitening - 20 minute session per day.
  • Remarkably white teeth in just 14 days - Results start showing on first application.

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