Multi-functional Vegetable & Fruit Slicer

  • $14.99 

Multi-Functional Vegetable And Fruit Slicer - Effortlessly Slice In Seconds!

This 360 degree multi-functional peeler has 3 kinds of blades which is used to peel your food in different kinds of ways. The blades are perfect for peeling any type of fruit, and vegetable. The best part about it all is that is super easy to use!

This slicer set will cut your prep time in HALF!


  • Peel, grate, slice all your favorite fruits and vegetables in seconds. 
  • This slicer is perfect for creating new, and different delicacy dishes for your guests, family, and friends. 
  • The 3 magic peelers in this slicer will make your peeling effortless. 
  • This slicer has been made with a cutting edge design, and has a built in potato eye remover and orange peeler!

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