1 Pair Silicone Gel Height Insert

  • $9.95 

Want To Be 2 Inches Taller? 

This Silicone Gel Shoe Lift height increasing insoles from the definitive leader in shoe lifts. Providing the greatest height increase available today with a 1.5 inch to 2 inch height increase. Our distinct design helps to stabilize the foot and add height while the full-length foam provide support and comfort for every step. Our extraordinary orthopedic design, built for maximum comfort also includes, an adjustable heel-lift, air-bubble technology and an anatomic heel. 



ANATOMICAL HEEL CUP - Features an anatomical heel cup that offers maximum support as well as all day comfort.

AIR BUBBLE TECHNOLOGY - Unique air bubble technology that will provide cushion and absorb impact when worn in your shoes.

ADJUSTABLE HEEL LIFT - Half inch detachable heel piece allows the user to customize the height to their specific needs.

ORTHOPEDIC DESIGN - Designed by a doctor to provide all day comfort and to help align the spine all while providing height.

ONE SIZE FITS ALL - Pre-Marked sizes on toe are perforated and trim to fit.

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